FreePBX offers Free SIP Service to Their Customers

Customers of FreePBX service can now grasp this opportunity to take advantages of the value added services offered by FreePBX. Since we all know, companies are always on a lookout for best SIP VOIP services to increase their revenues. Not only does FreePBX offer the best PBX services in the market, but also is the key for success of thousands of businesses worldwide. Overview Coming to the portfolio of this company, Bandwidth .com is rated as having one of the best VOIP infrastructures in the market. The company is also nominated for several awards and is the fourth fastest growing telecommunication company in the US market. FreePBX is proud to be associated with this wonderful company and is quite confident that this collaboration will create waves in the VOIP industry.

The Free SIP Service Offered by FreePBX Let us now discuss in brief about the benefits, features that this best VOIP application has to offer. This application was designed and developed by FreePBX and their corporate sponsor The main focus of this service is that it offers seamless networks and also instant activation of this service. The installation of this software is very easy and simple.

Some of the benefits offered by FreePBX are as follows:
• This service offers instant online activation that can only be used by creating a new FreePBX branded SIP Trunking service provided by networks
• This best SIP VOIP basically aims at the unlimited two way SIP trunk service that comes with one or multiple DID’s and E911 enabled services across the US
• In addition to this, they also offer better reliability and performance that will enable companies to increase their productivity and reduce their operational costs

The Pricing of This Service All the best SIP VOIP technologies in life come with a price tag. So does this service. The company has priced this entire package for $24.99 per month. In addition to this the DID and Toll free numbers will be charged at extra rates. But the cherry on the cake is that customers who previously have being paying heavily for incoming DID number will now have to pay just $1 per month per line. Toll free numbers will be charged at $2 per month.

Conclusion This is one of the best VOIP applications that FreePBX customers can avail. This is a great service for businesses to expand their business operations and simultaneously fulfill the requirements of their business customers.

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